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As a result, total fiscal 2017 compensation, as set forth in the Summary Compensation Table, decreased compared to total fiscal 2016 compensation for all of our named executive officers.

Fiscal 2017 Corporate Governance Highlights

We place a high priority on maintaining good governance standards, including the oversight of our executive compensation policies and practices. The following policies and practices were in effect during fiscal 2017:


  The leadership structure of our Board consists of a Chairman (who is also our Chief Executive Officer), a Lead Director (who leads the meetings of our independent Directors held in January, April and July of each year), and strong Board committee chairs.


  We maintain a majority voting policy for the election of Directors in uncontested elections, and require an offer to resign by any incumbent Director who does not receive more votes “for” election than “withheld.”


  The Compensation Committee is composed solely of independent Directors who have established methods to communicate with stockholders regarding their executive compensation ideas and concerns.


  The Compensation Committee conducts an annual review and approval of our compensation strategy, including a review of our compensation-related risk profile, to ensure that our compensation-related risks are not reasonably likely to have a material adverse effect on the Company.


  We maintain stock ownership guidelines for our executive officers and Directors, each of whom either satisfied the applicable ownership guidelines as of May 31, 2017 or is within the grace period for achieving such ownership thresholds.


  Our insider trading policy prohibits short sales, pledging, and hedging transactions of shares of our Common Stock by Directors, officers and employees.


  Performance-based compensation arrangements that use a variety of performance measures, including performance-based equity awards.


  We maintain a clawback of executive compensation policy, which applies to the Company’s executive officers.


  Our 2014 Omnibus Plan prohibits the repricing of stock options or stock appreciation rights without stockholder approval.


  Our 2014 Omnibus Plan provides double-trigger vesting provisions for long-term equity awards.

Consideration of Last Year’s “Say on Pay” Vote

Following our Annual Meeting of Stockholders in October 2016, the Compensation Committee reviewed the results of the stockholder advisory vote on executive compensation that was held at the meeting with respect to the fiscal 2016 compensation actions and decisions for Mr. Sullivan and the other named executive officers. Ninety-seven percent (97%) of the votes cast on the “say-on-pay” proposal last year were voted in support of the compensation of our named executive officers set forth in the Compensation Discussion and Analysis, the Summary Compensation Table and the related compensation tables and narratives in last year’s Proxy Statement. The Compensation Committee will continue to consider results from future stockholder advisory votes, as well as input from its stockholders, in its ongoing evaluation of the Company’s executive compensation programs and practices.

Opportunity for Stockholder Feedback

The Compensation Committee carefully considers feedback from our stockholders regarding our executive compensation program. Stockholders are invited to express their views to the Compensation Committee as described under the heading “Communications with the Board of Directors” in this Proxy Statement. In addition, the advisory vote on the compensation of the named executive officers provides stockholders with an opportunity to communicate their views on our executive compensation program.

You should read this Compensation Discussion and Analysis in conjunction with the advisory votes that we are conducting on the compensation of the named executive officers (see “Proposal Two – Advisory Vote on Executive Compensation” and “Proposal Three – Advisory Vote on the Frequency of Future Advisory Votes on Executive Compensation”). This Compensation Discussion and Analysis, as well as the accompanying compensation tables, contains information that is relevant to your voting decisions.


RPM’s compensation programs are designed to support our founder’s philosophy:


  Hire the best people you can find.


  Create an atmosphere that will keep them.


  Then let them do their jobs.

Our general compensation philosophy is performance-based in that our executive officers should be well compensated for achieving strong operating and financial results that contribute to enhanced stockholder value. We engage in a rigorous process intended to provide our executive officers a fair level




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