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The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, or the Dodd-Frank Act, contains a provision that is commonly known as “Say-on-Pay.” Say-on-Pay gives our stockholders an opportunity to vote on an advisory, non-binding basis to approve the compensation of our named executive officers as disclosed in this Proxy Statement pursuant to Commission rules.

This vote is not intended to address any specific item of compensation, but rather the overall compensation of our named executive officers and the executive compensation program and practices described in this Proxy Statement. Please read the Compensation Discussion and Analysis and the executive compensation tables and narrative disclosure for a detailed explanation of our executive compensation program and practices. Accordingly, we are asking our stockholders to vote “FOR” the following resolution:

“RESOLVED, that RPM International Inc.’s stockholders hereby approve, on an advisory basis, the compensation of the named executive officers as disclosed pursuant to the compensation disclosure rules of the Commission, including the Compensation Discussion and Analysis, the compensation tables and any related material disclosed in this Proxy Statement.”

We are focused on delivering operating results with the ultimate goal of creating and maximizing value for our stockholders on a long-term basis. Our compensation programs and practices have been designed to drive those results, and they have served our Company well. For fiscal 2017, 20% of the amounts of the principal compensation components for our named executive officers in the aggregate was variable and tied to our performance. Our compensation programs and practices have been integral to our success in attracting and retaining an experienced and effective management team.




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